Name: Dr Amy Heffernan

 Position: Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow

 Contact details:
(Post) Kenneth Myer Building, 30 Royal Parade, Parkville, VIC 3054





Dr Heffernan is an NHMRC Research Fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Parkville, Victoria. She received a PhD in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Queensland in 2014, building on a BSc.(Hons) in Applied Chemistry from the University of Technology Sydney in 2010. Dr Heffernan specialises in analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry method development for a range of applications including biological and environmental monitoring for human biomonitoring and environmental forensics. She has a special interest in high resolution mass spectrometry for unknown compound identification in metabolomics and proteomics applications.

Dr Heffernan’s doctoral and postdoctoral research (2010-2015) focused on developing analytical techniques to assess chemical exposure in Australian children, with a specific focus on short half-life chemicals, including the plasticizer bisphenol A. She has several collaborations with Entox researchers on the use of pooled urine samples for human biomonitoring in the general Australian population, and is available to co-supervise research students. Her current research focuses on using metalloproteomics to map iron proteins in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.