Background information for the community on marine contaminants and relevant research projects at Entox.

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What are contaminants?

Contact the Entox marine researchers

Why are contaminants of potential concern?

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Seafood

Meet the researchers

Moreton Bay Case Study

Some Common Marine Contaminants

Community Information on Marine Contaminants section

What Are Contaminants?

Contaminants are unwanted chemicals in the environment or in living organisms, which may be harmful to plants, animals or humans. Every year, many thousand chemicals are produced and used. They are beneficial in households (e.g. cleaning and...

Contact the Entox Marine Researchers

Contact Us For information regarding these projects: Contact: Project Leader, Dr Caroline Gaus Email:   &nb...

Why Are Contaminants of Potential Concern?

Whether the presence of a particular contaminant in the environment is of potential concern depends on the toxicity and the levels found. It also depends on how the contaminant behaves in the environment and how long its life-time is. Most c...

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Seafood

Most food (including seafood) contains low levels of POPs. Animals and humans are exposed to these chemicals predominantly via food consumption. Most times, the levels of POPs found in food are, however, of little concern to the health of animals an...

Meet The Researchers

Chief Investigator: Dr Caroline Gaus ...

Moreton Bay Case Study

To date, there is very little information on the type and levels of contaminants in the marine environment of Australia. Over the past years, a number of studies have been initiated that investigate the presence and distribution of POPs (in par...

Some Common Marine Contaminants

Some of the chemicals below are grouped under the name Persistent Organic Pollutants, or POPs.>
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