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Contact Details

Phone: +61 (0)408 736 397
Fax: +61 (0)7 3274 9003
39 Kessels Road
Coopers Plains QLD 4108

Email: d.stalter@uq.edu.au 


Daniel Stalter studied biology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, and received his PhD in 2011.

One of his research interests is in the ecotoxicological effect assessment of wastewater. In this context, he analysed the impact of wastewater-associated contaminants on invertebrate communities in surface waters as part of the BMBF-project INTAFERE (www.intafere.de). His PhD was embedded in the EU-project NEPTUNE (www.eu-neptune.org) and especially addressed the evaluation of advanced wastewater treatment technologies for toxicity removal. Within Neptune and following projects, his research activities included ozonation as end-of-pipe wastewater polishing step and the identification of hazardous oxidation products formed during the ozonation process. Additionally, he is interested in effect directed analyses of toxic compound mixtures present in wastewater effluents and drinking water.

Daniel’s current post-doctoral research at Entox focuses on drinking water treatment and the bio-analytical toxicity assessment of disinfection by-products (DBPs) that occur during drinking water disinfection. The main aim of his research is to increase the effectiveness of DBP extraction with particular emphasis on volatile DPBs as well as the identification and characterization of yet unidentified DBPs.

Research Projects

  • Bioanalytical evaluation and assessment of the formation of disinfection by-products during drinking water treatment – current project at Entox
  • Neptune – new sustainable concepts and processes for optimization and upgrading municipal wastewater and sludge treatment (EU-project: www.eu-neptune.org)
  • Strategie Micropoll – development of a strategy to reduce the input of organic micropollutants from domestic wastewater into Swiss surface waters (Swiss project)
  • Pills – pharmaceutical input and elimination from local sources: In vivo and in vitro toxicity assessment of advanced treated hospital wastewater (EU-project)
  • Formation of metabolites during wastewater treatment with ozone – project of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (sponsored by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection)
  • Intafere – Integrated analysis of mobile organic foreign substances (sponsored by the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts; www.intafere.de) 

Miscellaneous Links to Professional Activities

  • Reviews papers for a number of journals including Water Research, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Aquatic Toxicology and Chemosphere 

Full list of publications

  • Stalter D., Magdeburg A., Wagner M. and Oehlmann J. (2011): Ozonation and activated carbon treatment of sewage effluents: Removal of endocrine activity and cytotoxicity. Water Research 45(3), 1015-1024.
  • Stalter D., Magdeburg A. and Oehlmann J. (2010): Comparative toxicity assessment of ozone and activated carbon treated sewage effluents using an in vivo test battery. Water Research 44(8), 2610-2620.
  • Stalter D., Magdeburg A., Weil M., Knacker T. and Oehlmann J. (2010): Toxication or detoxication? In vivo toxicity assessment of ozonation as advanced wastewater treatment with the rainbow trout. Water Research 44(2), 439-448.
  • Weemaes M., Fink G., Lachmund C., Magdeburg A., Stalter D., Thoeye C., De Gueldre G. and Van de Steene B. (2010): Removal of micropollutants in WWTP effluent by biological assisted membrane carbon filtration (BIOMAC). Water Science and Technology 63(1), 72-79.
  • Stalter D., Magdeburg A., Oehlmann J.  (2010): Ökotoxikologische Studien zu erweiterten Abwasseraufbereitungsmethoden – ein Überblick [Eco-toxicological Studies into Advanced Wastewater Treatment Methods – an overview]. Korrespondenz Abwasser und Abfall 57(2), 128-137.
  • Reifferscheid G., Maes H., Allner B., Badurova J., Belkin S., Blum K., Brauer F., Bressling J., Domenenghetti S., Elad T., Flückiger-Isler S., Grummt H.J., Guertler R., Heringa M., Hollert H., Huber S., Kramer M., Magdeburg A., Ratte H.T., Sauerborn-Klobucar R., Sokolowski A., Soldan P.4, Smital T., Stalter D., Venier P., Ziemann Chr., Zipperle J., Buchinger S.: International round-robin study of the Ames fluctuation test. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 53(6), 843-854.
  • Magdeburg, A., Stalter, D., Oehlmann, J.: Whole effluent toxicity assessment at a wastewater treatment plant upgraded with a full-scale post-ozonation using aquatic key species. Accepted for publication in Chemosphere in 02/2012.