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Summit Toxicology, LLP

6343 Carolyn Drive

Falls Church, VA 22044



Dr Aylward is an Honorary Associate Professor with a joint appointment between Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute and the National Research Center for Environmental Toxicology (Entox) and a Principal at Summit Toxicology, LLP. Dr Aylward’s research interests include the development and application of toxicokinetic models and the use of biomonitoring for tracking exposure to chemicals in the environment, foods, and consumer products. She has published extensively on the development of tools for the interpretation of biomonitoring data in a risk assessment context and the use of biomonitoring as an exposure assessment tool in epidemiological studies. Her current research interests include evaluation of the sources of and factors influencing inter- and intra-individual variation in chemical biomarker concentrations with a focus on the design and implementation of biomonitoring for exposure characterization in epidemiological studies. She has several current collaborations with Entox researchers on the use of human biomonitoring to characterize chemical exposures in the Australian general population and in occupationally exposed groups.

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