Honorary Research Fellow

Contact Details

C/o Entox
39 Kessels Road
Coopers Plains, QLD 4108
Email: foon.lai@uqconnect.edu.au


Foon completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) (2004-2007) in Applied Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong. She received the Postgraduate Studentship from the Hong Kong Government for her Master of Philosophy (MPhil) (2007-2009) in Environment Science at the City University of Hong Kong. Her MPhil research related to the nationwide survey on perfluorinated compounds in surface waters and wild rodent blood samples in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan.

With the support of two scholarships (Research Scholarship and International Research Tuition Award), Foon is currently a PhD student with Prof. Jochen Mueller at the University of Queensland.

Research Interests

Foon's PhD focuses on back estimating illicit drug use in communities based on wastewater analysis. Her initial work in 2009-2010 provided the first estimate of per capita consumption of illicit drugs in an urban catchment located at South-East Queensland. Her work also includes identifying and evaluating the uncertainty parameters associated with the back estimation so as to refine the methodology.

Select Publications

1. Foon Yin Lai, Christoph Ort, Coral Gartner, Steve Carter, Jeremy Prichard, Paul Kirkbride, Raimondo Bruno, Wayne Hall, Geoff Eaglesham, Jochen F. Mueller. Accepted. Refining the estimation of illicit drug consumptions from wastewater analysis: co-analysis of prescription pharmaceuticals and uncertainty assessment. Water Research.

2. Jeremy Prichard, Christoph Ort, Raimondo Bruno, Coral Gartner, Paul Kirkbride, Wayne Hall, Foon Yin Lai, Steve Carter, Phong Thai, Jochen Mueller and Anna Salinas. 2011. Developing a method for site-specific wastewater analysis: implications for prisons and other agencies with an interest in illicit drug use. Journal of Law, Information and Science 20: 15-27.