1. Find a potential advisor

Entox has 5 key research areas to choose from:

2. Submit an Expression of Interest

Once you have identified your research interests, and possibly found a potential advisors, you need to complete an Expression of Interest form. Enox will then use the information provided to make an assessment of your qualifications to undertake a research higher degree and its capacity to provide you with an advisory team, research facilities, project funds and general infrastructure and support services. On the basis of this Expression of Interest you may be invited to submit an Application for Admission & Scholarship form.

If you have not found any advisors, you can still submit this Expression of Interest form we will attempt to match your research interests to an advisor.

3. Apply for Admission & Scholarship

Finalise your research proposal

If your 'Expression of Interest' is successful, you will be invited to complete a full application. The full application includes the research proposal, which details all the necessary components for a successful RHD candidature, including:

  • The significance of the research question is appropriate to the degree
  • The research methodology is academically strong
  • The expected outcomes are described
  • The research can be completed within 2 years for an MPhil or 4 years for a PhD
  • The right academic experts are available
  • There is adequate funding and facilities

Complete your application

Once you have developed your research proposal, complete an Application for Admission and Scholarship form and submit it to your School/Institute. This form also requires you to provide supporting documentation including referee reports and an academic CV.

Apply for scholarships

UQ provides a range of competitive, merit-based scholarships for RHD students. To apply, please indicate in section 5 of the Application for Admission and Scholarship form that you wish to be considered for the next scholarship round of these scholarships

For further information on studying at UQ please check out the Graduate School Website: http://www.uq.edu.au/grad-school/index.html