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Contact Details

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39 Kessels Road
Coopers Plains, QLD 4108
Email: ling.jin@uqconnect.edu.au


Nat studied for his Bachelor and Master's degrees in environmental sciences at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) between 2005 and 2009. His master thesis focused on in vitro and in vivo endocrine disrupting activities of active ingredients in personal care products. Later after one-year experience as a research assistant at CityU, he was awarded the Prime Minister's Australia Asia Endeavour Award to undertake his doctorate study with Prof Beate Escher at Entox commencing in 2011.

Research Interests

Bioassays, emerging chemicals of concern, environmental risk assessment.

Selected Research Projects

Chemical-induced immunosuppression in sea turtles and dugongs suffering chronic diseases.
The aims of the project are:
1) to establish a simple, cost-effective bioanalytical tool to evaluate the immunotoxic/immunosuppressive potential of the contaminant cocktails accumulated by sea turtles and dugongs over their life span;
2) to explore the link between the body burdens of chemical pollutants and immunosuppression using the in vitro bioassay; and
3) should the causal link exist, to investigate the extent to which chemical-induced immunosuppression contributes to the disease observed in the two organisms.

Ultimately, this approach will help address the etiology of chronic diseases in the two endangered species.

Select Publications

1. Jin, L., Lam, J.C.W., Murphy, M.B., and Lam, P.K.S. 2011. Temporal trends of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and hexabromocyclododecanes in marine mammals with special reference to Hong Kong, South China. (eds., B.G. Loganathan and P.K.S. Lam) Global Contamination Trends of Persistent Organic Chemicals. CRC Press, USA. (Forthcoming)

2. Chan, W.H., Mak, Y.L., Wu, J.J., Jin, L., Sit, W.H., Lam, J.C.W., de Mitcheson, S., Chan, L.L., Lam, P.K.S., and Murphy, M.B. 2011. Spatial distribution of ciguateric fish in Republic of Kiribati. Chemosphere 84, 117-123.

3. Murphy, M.B., Jin, L., and Lam, P.K.S. 2010. Temporal trends of organochlorines and trace elements in marine mammals from Hong Kong. (eds., T. Isobe, K. Nomiyama, A. Subramanian and S. Tanabe) Interdisciplinary studies on environmental Chemistry - Environmental Specimen Bank. TERRAPUB, Japan.

4. Mak, Y.L., Taniyasu, S., Yeung, W.Y., Lu, G., Jin, L., Yang, Y., Lam, P.K.S., Kannan, K., and Yamashita, N. 2009. Perfluorinated compounds in tap water from China and several other countries. Environmental Science and Technology 43, 4824-4829.