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39 Kessels Road
Coopers Plains, QLD 4108
Email: s4252706@student.uq.edu.au


M.S.c. Degree of Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine (Pathology). Veterinary Medicine /Baghdad University (2001).
BV. &S Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery/Baghdad University (1999).

Research Interests

Study the toxicity of free cyanide and its metal complexes generated from mining activities by using Euglena gracilis as a cell model for this study. This model will need to be calibrated against an animal model such as chicken or ducks (as a surrogate model for birds). The study focuses on potential ecological health impact particularly to birds. Euglena has two strains. One is the wild type (E. gracilis Z) which behaves like plants and require light for photosynthesis in order to maintain normal cell function and growth. Whereas the SMZ strain with the chlorophyll-knock out behaves like animals. initial test suggest that free cyanide is not toxic to the Z strain (similarly cyanide is less toxic to plants) but is very toxic to the SMZ strain (similarly toxic to animals). In addition, aurocyanide (gold cyanide) is highly toxic to SMZ. In mine waste, cyanide complexes with many other metals such as cadmium and copper etc. By using both Z and SMZ strains one could differentiate the toxicity of cyanide (and cyanide complexes) to other metal/metalloid contaminants present in the waste.

Selected Publications

  • Experimental pathological study on nitrate toxicity in broilers/M.S.c thesis.
  • Toxicity of Water Contaminated With Nitrate On The Guinea Pigs Treated With Cimetidin/The First Specialized Conference For Environmental Health /For The Period From 7-8/1/2003.
  • The effect of vitamin Con the some mice tissues treated with nitrate. Iraqi Journal of veterinary sciences, Vol.31, No.2, 2007.