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Phone: +61 (0)429 547 155
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National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (Entox)
39 Kessels Road
Coopers Plains QLD 4108
Email: r.taga@uq.edu.au


Raijeli Taga is a PhD student with the University of Queensland and Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation (CMLR). Originally from Fiji, she completed a Master of Philosophy at the University of Queensland, before being offered a UQIPRS scholarship for PhD studies. Raijeli completed her MPhil with an AusAID-ALA award in 2009. Her current research interests centre around human health risk assessment and toxicology of metals and metalloids related to mining activities and therefore her project is supervised by CMLR and NRCET (Entox).

Selected Research Projects

Development of in vitro methods to predict bioavailability of cadmium, copper, lead and zinc in mine wastes for human health risk assessment”

Project brief:

Heavy metals have been documented to adversely impact the environments that surround an active or abandoned mine and eventually pose health risks on humans that come into contact via the different exposure pathways. This study uses the Environmental Risk Assessment framework to evaluate the risks associated with selected heavy metals contamination that results from mining activities. For this particular project, lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper and zinc have been selected. However the emphasis is on lead and cadmium. In order to estimate the risks from these metals, the amount of these metals bioavailable for human uptake would be estimated by employing the different techniques available to simulate gastrointestinal and intestinal absorption.

The aims of this project are to

  • Design an accepted 1 step method that will simplify the prediction of lead bioavailability in mine waste that is acceptable to the USEPA by showing its relationship with the existing 4 step PBET and bioavailability data from rat uptake experiments on mine wastes and other contaminated soils.
  • A comprehensive study of the bioaccessibility of cadmium in mine waste that is also compared against existing procedures, namely PBET, DIN, IVG, SBRC SHIME and TIM.
  • Development of in vitro methods for copper and zinc that have not yet been evaluated and validate bioaccessibilty against bioavailability.

Current Supervisors

Selected Publications

Please access the following link: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/A-5821-2011 to view Raijeli Taga's full list of publications.