Group Leader: Jack Ng
Senior collaborators: Barry Chiswell, A'edah Abu Bakar, Alan Seawright, Cheng Peng, Jian Ping Wang, Matti Lang, Wasa Wickramasinghe


To generate better understanding of source, exposure and toxicological effects of environmental pollutants for evidence-based risk assessment and provide intervention strategy to safe guard environmental and human health.

Research Topics

Metals and metalloids, in-vivo bioavailability, in-vitro bioaccessibility and speciation assays, particulates and adsorbed organic chemicals, natural toxins, contaminated site food web transfer, 3-D cell real time assessment, remediation and public health intervention.

Long-term Objectives

  • We aim to identify data gaps within the risk assessment framework for prioritised contaminants and conduct research to better understand the exposure pathways, bioavailability and chemical speciation in relation to biological effects and ultimately potential toxicity.
  • Better science will help to reduce uncertainty and hence will provide an evidence-based approach for site-specific health risk assessment.
  • To provide remediation and intervention strategy for public health protection.
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