Joint PhD candidate in the Source and Fate of Micropollutants group

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Louise is a joint PhD Student at the department of Environmental Economics of Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the Free University (VU) Amsterdam and at the National Research Centre of Environmental Toxicology (Entox) at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Louise completed two master degrees, one in Toxicology & Environmental Health (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and the other in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology (Free University of Amsterdam). Her final research project for her master degree in Toxicology focused on the possibilities of developing a method to extract PBT mixtures in biota and the potential of assessing these mixtures with cell based bioassays by using passive sampling. This project was a collaboration between the research groups of Professor Caroline Gaus and Professor Beate Escher and during this project Louise discovered her interests in environmental chemistry. Currently, Louise is working on a PhD project under supervision by Professor Caroline Gaus (Entox), Professor Jacob de Boer (IVM) and Dr. Pim Leonards (IVM), investigating the occurrence and bioaccumulation potential of Chlorinated Paraffins in the Australian Environment.  

Research Interests

Louise's research interests focus on the analytical procedures for the determination of emerging pollutants in environmental samples.

Selected Publications

Jin, L.;, Gaus, C.; van Mourik, L., Escher, B.I. Applicability of Passive Sampling to Bioanalytical Screening of Bioaccumulative Chemicals in Marine Wildlife. Environmental Science & Technology 2013, Jul 16; 47(14):7982-8.

Jonker, M.T.O.; Van Mourik, L. Exceptionally strong sorption of infochemicals to activated carbon reduces their bioavailability to fish: implications for in situ sorbent amendments? Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2014, Mar;33(3):493-9.
Jin, L.; van Mourik, L.; Mewburn, B.; Gaus, C.; Escher, B. Testing the applicability of passive sampling to chemical exposure and effect screening in marine wildlife. Organohalogen Compounds 2012, 74: 923-926.

Professional Activities

For her current PhD project Louise was awarded an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)