Entox welcomes several visitors to its laboratories each year. 

Our current visitors are:

Alice Chan Visiting Academic Department of Biology and Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong
Fanny Defranoux Occupational Trainee
Bioengineering Department, Polytech’Nice Sophia, University of Nice
Wiebke Dürig Occupational Trainee Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht University


Visiting Academics and Scholars section

Ms Wiebke Dürig

Position Occupational Trainee Contact Details Phone:

Dr Daniel Stalter

Position Postdoctoral Fellow Contact Details Phone: +61 (0)408 736 397 Fax: +61 (0)7 3274 9003 Postal: Entox 39 Kessels Road Coopers Pl...

Dr Liesbeth Weijs

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